Month: November 2019

Loan against housing

Some working people have a lot of needs, especially the inhabitants of large cities usually experience some rush and rush, which means that they spend more money on living, more often buy ready meals or order them with delivery to home or work. However, where we live doesn’t really affect how much we spend, it’s
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How to pay off your loan

Amortizing is the same as repaying a debt. Usually, a number of installments are made over an agreed period of time, for example for a few months or for several years, but even if you repay everything as a lump sum, it is counted as an amortization. Many sms loans are repaid as a lump
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Prioritize among the debts

Earlier on this site you have been able to read that it is very important to get an overview of their debts and the current financial situation. Once you have done this, it is time to move on and start prioritizing where the money should go. The very first thing to prioritize is to put
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