Does solving your Debt guarantee the settlement of your debt?

If you are considering paying your debts through the Good Finance program, surely one of your main questions (in addition to “Good Finance is reliable?”) Is, “Do we guarantee the settlement of your debt?”.

Well, let’s go parts. We cannot guarantee that the debts that enter our program will be cleared , why? because the result of our program depends in large part on two things: the client and his creditors.

On the client side is your commitment to the program, that is, you must meet your savings in a timely manner, since this capital is our tool to negotiate. For their part, it is the creditors who decide whether or not to grant a discount, and there are 2 possible scenarios under which our program cannot achieve settlement:

  1. That there is a situation outside of us for which your debt is no longer negotiable (eg that the account turns out to be written off)
  2. Not to achieve a successful negotiation in a term less than one year (applicable only in those cases in which the client has entered two or more debts).

And what happens in those cases?

And what happens in those cases?

It’s simple: we give you back what you have saved.

Now, if our client’s debt is successfully negotiated and cleared, we will be with him until it is officially closed .

How can I check it?

  • With proof of payment
  • Reviewing the Credit Bureau report

When we pay your debt, you will receive in the email that you provided us with a proof of payment issued by the bank or institution with which you had the debt. Do not despair! Sometimes this receipt takes a bit. In addition, after 90 calendar days after the settlement of your debt, you can download a credit bureau report in which you will see your account with “Closed” status and with code 97. This means that your account is already closed.

And my proof of no debt?

And my proof of no debt?

This is granted by the bank or creditor institution 90 days after the settlement of your debt. To process it you must go personally to a branch, present the receipt that we send you in your mail and an official identification. EYE: the proof of payment can be a statement, a final letter or verbal confirmation from the bank that your account is closed. This depends entirely on each bank.

And in case my debt does not appear closed, what?

This situation is possible, but unlikely. Even so, stay calm, our negotiation and customer service teams will make the necessary clarification processes until the institution recognizes the payment.

In Good Finance we are committed to our clients and we appreciate the trust they place in us. So stay calm, we will team up until the day you can check your debt settlement.

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